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June 30, 2007


Nic Darling

I linked to this post and sent you a trackback, but since they seldom seem to work for me on typepad, I thought I would drop a comment to give you a heads up. Head on over to marketingneophyte.com if you want to see what I wrote. With any luck, maybe some of my meager traffic will head over and check you out.


Thanks, Nic! With a blog as fantastic as yours, I can't possibly imagine the traffic being 'meager'. It is great, and I have added it to my Great Daily Blog Tour aka the blogs I read in the morning while drinking tea in my pjs.

I tried my best to one-up you on the picture, but your ice-dancing office worker trumps all comers. Know that it took a supreme amount of effort for me to figure out how to stick pictures in thought bubbles.

Bed Wetting Solutions

It has to be time for us all give up our day job and move into 2009, don't you think?

Great post by the way, many thanks.

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